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    Our motto is “Infuse Your Life”. We believe tea not only energizes your body but your mind and spirit as well. Whether you are purely enjoying a hot cup of Earl Grey on a cold winter’s day, or a refreshing glass of Summer Paradise (our best-selling peach Oolong) during the dog days of summer, we believe you are recharging spiritually as well.

    Why "TeaRiffick"?
  • Loose Leaf Tea

    Because of our belief that tea is more than just a simple beverage, we source high quality loose-leaf tea from select suppliers known for their longevity and integrity in the tea business. What makes loose-leaf so special, you ask?

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  • Life Forecasting

    At TeaRiffick! we believe strongly in the power of receiving guidance and wisdom from the Universe to help you set the best course in life. Rather than delving into simple predictions, we prefer to take it a step deeper, asking, "What does the Universe want you to know?"

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  • Tea Supplies and Accessories

    We carry a wide range of tools for that perfect brew wherever life takes you! Check out our options to brew an invigorating cuppa when the temperature dips or that refreshing glass of ice tea when the temperature soars (as is mostly the case here in Texas).

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Why “TeaRiffick”?

Why are we so focused on tea?

We believe in that what you put into your body becomes part of who you are. We believe
this to be true for smells, for energy patterns, and especially for what we consume. Tea is
all of these things.

Tea is more than just a simple beverage.

This wisdom was well understood by the ancient Chinese as the following poem suggests:

The Way of Tea

A friend presented me
With tender leaves of Oolong tea,
For which I chose a kettle
Of ivory-mounted gold,
A mixing-bowl of snow-white earth.
With its clear bright froth and fragrance,
It was like the nectar of Immortals.
The first bowl washed the cobwebs from my mind –
The whole world seemed to sparkle.
A second cleansed my spirit
Like purifying showers of rain,
A third and I was one of the Immortals –
What need now for austerities
To purge our human sorrows?
Worldly people, by going in for wine,
Sadly deceive themselves.
For now I know the Way of Tea is real.
   – Chio Jen (Tang Dynasty)

Find more specific information about our teas under Loose Leaf Teas.

We also offer our Life Forecast services as a way to clarify your thinking and sharpen your focus on
whatever you are questioning in life. We offer two basic kinds of readings, one is with tarot or oracle
cards and the other is tea leaf readings. Find more information under Life Forecasts.