Welcome to the new TeaRiffick!

A new website? A new logo? A new motto? What is happening around here?

Danna has been working for months now to reshape TeaRiffick. The Social Media team has been working hard to keep up and reflect those changes here! We still proudly offer the same great loose leaf teas, but we are so much more now!

We are proud to announce a new focus on Life Forecasting. What is that? Danna believes that, while we can’t predict the exact future, we can look at trends and signs to prepare ourselves for likely events and their outcomes. It is less “Fortune telling” and more like predicting the weather, hence, “Forecasting”.

Danna is also out at community markets and other events, taking tea to the people. Keep up with where to find her with samples and new flavors by subscribing to this blog.

And we aren’t done yet! There will be more new content coming in the very near future.