When Magick isn’t Magic

Hello Magickal People!

As I wait for my cuppa Arabian Nights (Loose Leaf Teas) tea to brew, I’ve been contemplating how to address this topic.   After nearly six years, I am still fairly new to my witchy path.  I’ve been called, or compelled, to deepen my practice lately.

Sometimes Magick seems like presto! Magic!  I believe there is some component of beginner’s luck to this.   It also might be the Universe throwing us a few softballs, or even setting it on the tee, before giving us some curve balls as our path deepens.   I’m at the point where the path, or really learning curve, has steepened.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t feel as much “fun” where I’m at at the moment.  However, the potential rewards are much greater too.   You see, magick is a skill which requires practice to perfect.  As anyone knows who has perfected a skill, practice takes time, dedication and patience.  There are no short cuts at this point in my path – honestly, there never were short cuts but hitting the ball off of the tee takes considerably less time to perfect than hitting a 90-mile-an-hour curve ball.

As a wise man once said “There’s no crying in Baseball!” (or in Magick).   As I walk this part of my path, I’m am called to a very earthy, practical Deity – Lugh (LEW).  Lugh is a Celtic God and honored at the Pagan holiday of Lughnasadh (LEWNASA) – the first of the harvest rituals, usually falling on August 1st in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fittingly associated with the grain harvest, Lugh is not known for taking short cuts.  Those of you who know the tarot would understand Lugh as the eight of pentacles – what I call “burning the midnight oil” card.   I also see Lugh in that timeless saying, the Lord helps those who help themselves.

Eight of Pentacles from the Rider Waite deck

So, I will be more diligent in my practice – making space for daily meditation and regular offerings to the Deities and Spirits who are connecting with me.  I will set aside more time for ritual as well, more time casting circles and calling quarters, especially on the esbats and sabbats when I’m not at a public ritual.

Not only is time important, but consistency as well.  I fully own by proclivity to make excuses in this area, the most oft used is “I don’t have the time/energy.”    Balancing the everyday with the magickal is a challenge but the word balance implies both realms of my life are given room – perhaps not everyday but, on the whole, they should be roughly equal room, particularly since I am holding myself out to the public as I now am.   I touch on this balance in my last post, Honoring Samhain.

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Bright Blessings!

  • Danna