My Journey With Tarot

I’ve been using tarot cards for over four years now and I’m definitely an advocate of them as a useful tool in divination.  There is a lot of debate over the “right” way to use the cards.  I have “right” in quotations because I feel like it’s a mute point.  As more and more people are finding the Tarot as a tool that works for them, they are bringing many different practices with them.

I’ll just say this, of all the readings I’ve had with professional readers, not one of them has used the same approach.  To a certain degree, our style as a reader is often influenced by our mentors, I know mine certainly has been.

Here’s a little background on how I got started reading cards.  Shortly after finding my path as a witch in 2012, I was drawn to studying tarot.  I bought a deck at the local Barnes ‘n’ Noble which has a decent selection for a big box store although I now prefer to go to local metaphysical stores if I can.

My First Deck – Beautiful!

My first deck was the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.  It’s a lovely deck, and great for beginners since it follows the classic structure of the tarot – 78 cards, 22 major arcana,  56 minor arcana & court cards, four suits – wands (fire), swords (air), pentacles (earth), cups (water).

(As an aside, I recommend beginners start is a classic deck like the Gilded Tarot or Rider Waite.  I believe decks that follow the classic structure and concepts of the tarot help build the basic foundation for reading.)

So, I excitedly brought my new deck home and immediately began reading.  My method of reading back then was to put down a few cards and then look up each one in the booklet that came with the deck.

Needless to say, my first attempts with this “method” felt clunky and I wanted to become a more fluid reader.  Luckily for me, there was a great resource right in my own backyard.  Miracles of Joy in Lewisville, TX is a great store for those seeking guidance and wisdom.

(Another sidebar, in addition to MOJ there are many credible, wonderful metaphysical stores in the North Texas area.  I will be doing a post soon about my favorite places.)

The first person I met at MOJ was Arthur Graye.  When he learned about my interest in the cards, he told me about a tarot circle he hosted bi-weekly.   The circle is for readers of all skill levels – even people just walking in who have never seen a deck.

Arthur learned to read using the intuitive method from another local professional in the North Texas area.  Incidentally, I have found the best readers are those who are above board in their approach and are happy to teach others, often times at no great expense compared to what they offer.

The intuitive method isn’t really about reading the cards in the classic sense.  It’s not about memorizing definitions or card meanings.   In this method, you look at the card and see what speaks to you vis ‘a vis the question.   The tarot – and other oracle cards – are really great for this approach because the artwork contained in them is usually so rich in symbolism.

Using this approach, you let the cards tell you what they want to say.  The best thing about this method is, once you unlock your intuitive sight, you can read various kinds of decks.  It’s helped me greatly to pick up other forms of divination, like tea leaf reading.

The biggest hurdle to this method in my opinion is unlocking your intuitive side.  It’s not something we are generally encouraged to do – they didn’t teach it in my MBA program that’s for sure.  🙂  It took about six months for me to fully unlock my intuition so I tell beginners to not loose hope if it doesn’t click right way.

I didn’t read professionally until, really, just the last year.  At first, I read for just myself and at circles for quite a while.  I also joined various Facebook groups that are really good for practice.   I might do another blog on reading professionally, but I will say don’t rush into it.  I would say get at least a year of practice under your belt before you put yourself out there.

Now, I do readings by appointment or at various fairs and events around North Texas.  If you’d like a reading, check out my online store for more details.  Send me a note if you’d like to sign up for my weekly newsletter which is a great way to find out where I will be.

That sums up my experience with the tarot.  If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message. I will be at Miracles of Joy this Thursday night, January 23rd, for Tarot Circle from 7 to 9pm.   I hope to see some of you there! I so enjoy talking to others and sharing our experiences!

Bright Blessings!


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