Danna Getske is the owner of TeaRiffick!, a business that combines a great line of mystical loose leaf teas and accessories with magickal products (books/oracle decks/coloring books/life forecast services).  Danna started TeaRiffick! in 2014 to combine her passion for tea and magick in one awesome brew! Since then she has been at major events such as the North Texas Irish Festival, Denton Jazz Fest and operated a full-time kiosk at Vista Ridge Mall until 2016.

Danna started reading tarot cards in 2013 by attending the tarot circles of Arthur Graye, known for teaching the intuitive method of reading at Miracles of Joy. Even before tarot, Danna had an affinity for using her intuitive skills; she spent five years as an equity research analyst at Morgan Keegan in the early 2000’s. She senses connections in forecasting, whether it is everyday topics such as stocks, sports, the weather, or more esoteric, life oriented subjects. Intuition and simplicity play a big role in her reading style. She has also developed her own style of tea leaf reading and is excited to share her gifts for the enrichment of others.

Danna is also a practicing witch – a path she came to in 2012.  Being born on Wednesday, she has a strong connection with Mercury – both the planet and the Roman god of commerce and communication – and considers herself a “Business Witch”, having had a career in finance after earning a Masters of Business at Southern Methodist University in 2000.