At TeaRiffick! we believe strongly in the power of receiving guidance and wisdom from the Universe to help you set the best course in life. Rather than delving into simple predictions (will I win the lottery, get the lover), we prefer to take it a step deeper, asking what does the Universe want you to know about attracting wealth or a lover? While we believe predictions have their place, we try to coach clients to get as much wisdom as possible out of their readings. This is where the true gold lies in divination.

We believe in making our readings simple and straightforward. In this busy world, we understand not everyone can meet in person. Our tarot and/or oracle card readings are designed for the on-the-go person in mind. Each session is 20 minutes for $20. This is typically enough time for two questions, depending on the depth and breadth of the questions asked.

Our tea leaf readings are 30 minutes for $30 and are a delightful way to slow down and think about your question as you gaze into a cup of leaves steeping. The readings, by their very nature, need to be in person. I am located in Denton, TX and will travel to adjacent cities at no extra charge. It’s a great way to connect with tea, and ourselves, as the ancients once did.

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