Looking for that special gift for the tea lover in your life?  We at TeaRiffick have a few blends that work perfectly for Valentine’s.  Many of them share one key ingredient – hibiscus.  According to Scott Cuninngham’s “Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs”, hibiscus has been used in love and lust magick for centuries. I find it interesting that magickal uses for an herb typically correspond with medicinal uses.   In this case, hibiscus is known to help with circulatory issues and is packed with vitamin C, perfect for getting your blood going and boosting vitality.  (Disclaimer: check with your physician before taking anything for medicinal purposes.) OneRead More →

I’ve been using tarot cards for over four years now and I’m definitely an advocate of them as a useful tool in divination.  There is a lot of debate over the “right” way to use the cards.  I have “right” in quotations because I feel like it’s a mute point.  As more and more people are finding the Tarot as a tool that works for them, they are bringing many different practices with them. I’ll just say this, of all the readings I’ve had with professional readers, not one of them has used the same approach.  To a certain degree, our style as a readerRead More →

A new website? A new logo? A new motto? What is happening around here? Danna has been working for months now to reshape TeaRiffick. The Social Media team has been working hard to keep up and reflect those changes here! We still proudly offer the same great loose leaf teas, but we are so much more now! We are proud to announce a new focus on Life Forecasting. What is that? Danna believes that, while we can’t predict the exact future, we can look at trends and signs to prepare ourselves for likely events and their outcomes. It is less “Fortune telling” and more likeRead More →