Greetings my Tea Witches! Samhain is nigh upon us!  The actual date of Samhain (Sowen) is October 31st – that it happens to fall on Halloween is no coincidence as it is one of the ancient precursors to this modern holiday.   Samhain, falling late in the harvest season, was a time when the Celtic people would cull the herds, sacrificing weaker animals who would likely not survive the winter and be a drain on scarce resources.   In doing so, they were also able to fatten their own cellars for the lean winter months to follow.           When I think ofRead More →

Hello Magickal People! As I wait for my cuppa Arabian Nights (Loose Leaf Teas) tea to brew, I’ve been contemplating how to address this topic.   After nearly six years, I am still fairly new to my witchy path.  I’ve been called, or compelled, to deepen my practice lately. Sometimes Magick seems like presto! Magic!  I believe there is some component of beginner’s luck to this.   It also might be the Universe throwing us a few softballs, or even setting it on the tee, before giving us some curve balls as our path deepens.   I’m at the point where the path, or really learning curve, hasRead More →

Greetings TeaPeople! As Day of the Dead celebrations, Trunk ‘or Treats and Pumpkin Patches bid for our time, certain ones about us know the time of Samhain is approaching.   Samhain (SOWEN) is a Gaelic word, and, like all words Gaelic, is pronounced nothing like it is spelled.  It is, arguably, the most important sabbat on the Pagan wheel of the year, marking the end of one rotation, and a time of reflection – of those who have passed, of what has transpired as well as making space for what is to come.  The veil between the worlds is very thin this time of year,Read More →