Honoring Samhain

Greetings TeaPeople!

As Day of the Dead celebrations, Trunk ‘or Treats and Pumpkin Patches bid for our time, certain ones about us know the time of Samhain is approaching.   Samhain (SOWEN) is a Gaelic word, and, like all words Gaelic, is pronounced nothing like it is spelled.  It is, arguably, the most important sabbat on the Pagan wheel of the year, marking the end of one rotation, and a time of reflection – of those who have passed, of what has transpired as well as making space for what is to come.  The veil between the worlds is very thin this time of year, yielding all those scary stories we so love!  It also makes a great time for divination and communication with spirits, deities and ancestors.

Unfortunately, falling as it does on October 31st, it also coincides with a time for endless candy, festivals and celebrations.  As a business person, it’s a time that can be very productive but draining, leaving little time for the spiritual connection and reflection that makes this time of year so rich.   Choose to go to a Samhain ritual at the local church or work at the local Day of the Dead festival.  What’s a modern Pagan to do?

This modern Pagan has decided she needs to make time for ritual, time for connection with others of like persuasion and time to commune with those beyond.  As such, I am taking the last weekend in October off.  This is not meant as a guilt trip to others about what they should or should not do.  As they say, don’t “should” all over yourself.  There are definitely other ways to honor Samhain and still make time for those around you.  Even if it is just lighting a candle and reflecting after taking the kids trick ‘or treating.  As a single mom, I’ve definitely been there and done that.

Good news is, that is still a few weeks away!  I will be at the Irving Farmer’s Market (Irving Arts Center) on Oct 21st (sampling Persephone’s Wish, yum!) and am hosting a tea leaf reading workshop at Hearth Wisdom in Arlington on Oct 22nd at 3pm.  And, you can order my delightful teas anytime online at TeaRiffick.com.

Bright Blessings!

  • Danna