Perfect Blends for Valentine’s

Looking for that special gift for the tea lover in your life?  We at TeaRiffick have a few blends that work perfectly for Valentine’s.  Many of them share one key ingredient – hibiscus.  According to Scott Cuninngham’s “Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs”, hibiscus has been used in love and lust magick for centuries.

Hibiscus Flower -Photo by Cameron Ahlvers on Unsplash

I find it interesting that magickal uses for an herb typically correspond with medicinal uses.   In this case, hibiscus is known to help with circulatory issues and is packed with vitamin C, perfect for getting your blood going and boosting vitality.  (Disclaimer: check with your physician before taking anything for medicinal purposes.)

One of our most popular blends for Valentine’s is Love Potion – a lovely chocolate, strawberry blend which also contains hibiscus blossoms, orange peels and rose hips (other great herbs for love magick).  This lovely fruit blend does not contain tea but does have caffeine from cocoa peels in the blend.

Chocolate Strawberries! Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

Sol Invictus is a simple, sweet fruit blend packed with blood orange peels, hibiscus flowers and rose hips.  The concentration of oranges makes this a great blend for those who want to manifest love.  However, a word of caution is needed here.  I believe it is never a good idea to cast love spells on a specific person, this is a form of manipulation that never ends well.  Instead, focus on attributes you are looking for in that special someone.

If roses are more your style, our Painted Rose tea is a Ceylon black tea with rose petals.  Roses work wonderfully in love divination and this blend is perfect for a love inspired tea leaf reading.  My readings come with a free pack of tea and are a fun way to treat yourself!

Droplets on Rose – Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Can’t decide?  Luckily all three blends are available on our website.  I offer free delivery to residents within Denton County, TX (Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Argyle) and can deliver by Valentine’s on orders received by Monday February 12th.



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