Because of our belief that tea is more than just a simple beverage, we source high quality loose-leaf tea from select suppliers known for their longevity and integrity in the tea business. What makes loose-leaf so special, you ask? For the most part, loose leaf blends are more whole, using more of the tea leaf (or herb or fruit) than bagged teas which typically use what is termed “dust” – the bits left after the tea is processed.

What makes the TeaRiffick! line of teas so special? Each tea is lovingly “hand blessed” to enhance the natural energies inherent in each blend. Whether you are looking for love, abundance, peace or just want an awesome cup of tea (or excellent ice tea!), look no further than TeaRiffick!

The Tea Spectrum

At TeaRiffick!, we have a wide range of teas for every taste, covering the spectrum from white to black (see this diagram for more details on the difference between types of teas).

We also carry a line of tisanes, herbal and fruit based infusions that do not contain tea plant leaves (camellia sinensis, the scientific name for the tea plant). Technically, any infusion that does not contain camellia sinensis should be called a tisane and not tea, although we acknowledge the common use of the team “tea” for any plant based infusion.

Our tisanes fall into two broad categories based on the primary components in their base as shown below. Click on the link in the diagram below to see our assortment of tisanes.